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Mothers and Daughters

Category: Personal,Pictures | Comments (0) | Valerie @ May 13th, 2007   

I’m just not sure that there are words to explain what my first Mother’s Day was like for me. I guess you can’t ever imagine it until you’re there…until you wake up in the morning and know that this day now honors you.

Mother’s Day has always been special for me mostly because it gives me great joy to honor my own mother who is (in my opinion) the best out there. It also means so much to me because it gives me the chance to thank the other women who have been a mother to me throughout my life.

I couldn’t help but wake up this morning and feel proud. Proud that I was lumped into the same category of all these other women who I’ve honored for years.

I walked into church this morning feeling like a million dollars. I knew I had done something good. What an honor it was being Brittain’s mother. God chose ME for this task. And, although I sometimes wonder what He was thinking, I’m thankful. Thankful that He chose me. Thankful that He gave me Brittain.

Unfortunately, not many pictures were taken that day. We had a great lunch at our house where we spent time as a family honoring our present mothers and remembering the ones who have left us.





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