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father-daugher dances (2.1.13 and 2.8.13)

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Brittain kept up her very busy schedule by inviting her Daddy to TWO Father-Daughter dances this year. I was fortunate enough to be able to take pictures again at the one at our church this past weekend.

visits with pappy and uncle terry (12.31.12 and 1.8.13)

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photo shoot (12.9.12)

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Cindy Stansberry (a photographer friend of mine) were talking one day about getting pictures of our families that actually have us in them. We finally decided that we’d help each other out by meeting at a local Christmas tree farm where she had done family photos, and take pictures for each other.

I’ve done photos for other families and I always try to calm the mother who seems to consistently be the one who is stressing out. It’s been a while since I’ve actually been in that position, but when the day came I found myself stressing just as bad. On this particular day it was abnormally HOT for a day in December so the sweaters were WAY hot for pictures. Also, after we finally walked down to the area of the farm that was in the shade and “right” for pictures, Brittain had to poop at which point we had to walk all the way back up the farm to find the port-a-pottys that she then decided she did NOT want to poop.

But look at these pictures!! I love them…my family is so sweet…

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