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happy 4th! (7.4.11)

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We’ve had a tradition now with the Parker’s for the last few years now. This year, our tradition was threatened when I went to Jacksonville for a much needed relaxing mommy trip, and finally some one-on-one time with Cecilia.

My trip was more fun than I could have ever dreamed. I did things like just sit in the bed until 3:00 in the afternoon just ’cause I could, I went shopping and actually got to LOOK at everything without having to say, “No, stay right there. I need to be able to SEE you” and “I KNEW I should have attached that burp cloth to my clothes because now I have spit up ALL over me” and “Never mind…I’ll go shopping in my next life”… And the time I got to spend with my sister was absolutely priceless. We actually got to TALK. It was awesome!

But not even that could keep me from the tradition. I got back into town late that afternoon, we all went to the Gill’s for dinner and then headed to the Rose’s parking lot for fun and fireworks (and we wouldn’t have missed the ice cream truck!)

I love all my peeps!

gill reunion (6.26.11 and 6.27.11)

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One thing I had to get used to with Dan’s family is that everyone is SO spread out! I’m used to having all of my close relatives within 10 miles of me. I still haven’t gotten used to the fact that he has several close familiy members that I’ve never met!

Needless to say, this weekend was special because there were lots of his family members that came into town. I took a few pictures over the weekend and I wanted to include some here. Forgive me, I’m not going to include names here…because I’m horrible with names…

my sweet babies (6.5.11 and 6.6.11)

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I have to say that in addition to having a lot fewer pictures of the new baby at this point as opposed to the vast number of pictures taken of Brittain, I’ve also immediately taken cover if anyone attempted to take a picture of me. I don’t know what it is…I guess it’s that unrealistic expectation that we as new mothers have on ourselves. We allowed ourselves 9 months to become huge and let ourselves go while we house this other human, then suddenly when the baby is finally out we expect to look like we’re ready to walk down the runway immediately. I have certainly NOT been runway ready, and for some reason it has taken me even longer than the first time to even get to a point where I didn’t mind being seen outside of my own home. All of this to say that these pictures were taken almost 3 months after Coleman’s birth, and I ain’t likin’ what I see. But I still love these because it’s with my two sweet babies…

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