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fruit snacks

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We got home tonight at about 8:00 which is very close to Brittain’s 8:30 bedtime. Our new sitter for the summer is coming for the first time tomorrow so I felt that I really needed to do some vacuuming before Brittain headed to bed (so that I would appear to be the perfect housewife and mother). As usual, Brittain did NOT want me vacuuming, so I did what any good mother would do and occupied her by giving her her favorite food – fruit snacks. She’s truly obsessed with these things. To begin with it was just the Gerber Graduates fruit snacks, but now she will accept nothing less than the fruit snacks with the Princesses on the package. I gave them to her and quickly went into the kitchen to vacuum. I was interrupted about 45 seconds later when she walked in and said something to me. I turned off the vacuum so that I could hear her and she said, “I want some more princess fruit snacks.” I explained, “Brittain, you can’t keep eating fruit snacks. I can’t keep giving you fruit snacks all day. You have to eat other things.” She took a couple of steps to the side and said, “SHOOT.” There was a brief pause. She then put her hand on her hip, looked at me and said, “How ’bout some marshmallows?”

I couldn’t resist. “Yes, my love, you may have some marshmallows.”

Father’s Day

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Sometimes Daddys go unnoticed. There’s no doubt that Brittain loves her Daddy, but because he’s gone most of the day working a full-time job and providing for us, I’m the one who has the honor of being with Brittain most of the time (and who sometimes receives more affection from her). Because of this, if she’s given the choice, she prefers me. I was excited this Father’s Day to really honor Dan like he should be honored. This day was sort of overlooked last year because of all the wedding festivities (Cecilia and Matthew’s wedding), so it was important to me for him to know that his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Dan’s birthday fell on Father’s Day, so we celebrated both at his parents’ house.


This is Brittain’s sand and water table that she plays with over at Gramy and Papa’s:











Thanks, Dan for being a wonderful provider and for allowing me the best job in the world!