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Jessica Chunn and Doug Prescott:

Potty training in less than a week

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If you read my “Potty training in less than a day” post, you probably remember that I attempted this when Brittain was 20 months old, back in March. At the end of that disaster of a day, I sat down and blogged about my experience. I’m sure it was quite obvious that I was upset about the outcome, but I ended it just like any laid-back, level-headed mother should. You know, that “you know, today didn’t go that great, but tomorrow is a new day and everything is going to be just fine” kind of statement. I don’t know if you could see right through me or not, but that was a down-right lie. I was not fine, nor was I laid-back, nor was I level-headed, and I certainly didn’t think everything was going to be “just fine.” For the past 6 months I have continued to worry, wondering if that day was going to be the cause of my child not being able to use the potty on her own until she was 25.

But then this week happened.

I woke up Saturday morning and decided to give it another go. Prior to getting out of bed that morning, I had made no plans of doing this, but I guess I must have felt the time was right. Brittain and I confined ourselves to the house and we potty-trained. This time was much different than before because I learned that the techniques taught in that book were not geared towards Brittain. I took my own approach, which strangely enough, was backing off and letting her handle it herself. I decided to let her train in the buff, which she thought was the most wonderful thing ever. We actually went about a normal day at home except without a diaper. She had only 2 accidents that day and both of those happened when she had on panties. Sunday went much the same way. Mimi came over to stay with her at home while I went to church. When I arrived back home there had been one accident and then one beginning of an accident. For this one, Mimi was able to get her to the potty quick enough that it didn’t make too big of a mess. I got back home at 12:30 and continued. The rest of the day went great.

Monday came and it was preschool day. I had my concerns, but I went ahead and sent Brittain with her big girl panties on and a change of clothes in her backpack. I gave the teacher a quick run-down when I dropped her off and I headed to work. I got back to pick her up and Brittain was in her extra set of clothes. Uh oh. She had an accident. I quickly figured out the reason for this accident after walking to the bathroom. There was no potty chair (which is what she’s been used to at home)! She was actually expected to potty on a full-size toilet! Much to my surprise, the rest of Monday after we got home was smooth sailing and Tuesday was the same way.

We got up this morning ready to try it again. This time I brought her potty with us. I dropped her (and the potty) off at preschool, crossing my fingers that this would be the day. I arrived back at the church at 11:00 for Water Day. Shortly after I got there, Brittain’s teacher came to me and said that Brittain was still in her original clothes and big girl panties from that morning. She had pottied 3 times successfully! We came home and the day continued the same way.

For the first time, Brittain and I actually got out of the house for something other than where we absolutely had to go. It was a slightly different trip. When I looked in the backseat, there was still a carseat and a toddler. But there were now two changes. Even though we continue to carry Brittain’s “diaper bag,” there aren’t actually any diapers in there anymore. And, Brittain’s new companion in the backseat? A lovely, white, Baby Bjorn potty chair.

Can’t help but smile, can you. :-)

water day

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I have seen pictures that my parents took of me at preschool on water day, so when I saw the note in Brittain’s bookbag last week that the “Terrific Two’s” had a water day of their own scheduled, I couldn’t wait! I left work early yesterday and Mimi and I went to the church to watch from the sidelines. We arrived just when her class was coming out to where everything was set up. We intentionally stayed back so that we could watch her in action and I could get some pictures. I mostly got pictures of her backside because not once did she step into one of the baby pools or allow any water to touch her from the fun sprinkler. I got so tickled watching kids pouring buckets of water of their own head and attempting canonballs in the pools, all the while Brittain stood and just watched.

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