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Christmas (12.25.10)

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So, there has been a lot going on with the Clark-Gill family that has prevented the creative juices from flowing enough to keep up with the blog. While you’re probably thinking that I’m only talking about the upcoming birth of baby Coleman, unfortunately, that’s not been the only thing I’ve been able to put my concentration on. Let’s just suffice it to say that it’s been unnecessary drama that I really could have done without during this time. In addition to this, Dan had some time off around Christmas and decided it was a good time to redo the kitchen. While most people would highly recommend NOT doing something like this while a woman is in her second trimester, we felt like it was as good a time as any, mainly because we have Connie and Roger who could seriously start their own Do-It-Yourself business because they know how to do EVERTHING and are willing to step in and help whenever they’re needed. But even the fastest of projects tend to take longer than you think, and this project resulted in having to go a month without a kitchen sink and countertop. For a lot of people, this set of circumstances might have ended in divorce or at least someone having to be committed, but we hung in there and stayed relatively calm and civil to each other.

A few things about the pregnancy:
1. This has been a different ballgame as compared to when I was pregnant with Brittain. Beginning early in the pregnancy they saw that my cervix wasn’t totally cooperating so I was put on temporary bedrest and had to see a specialist in Atlanta for a while. Fortunately, I didn’t have to continue either of these. The bedrest, even for just a few days made me crazy, and the long drives to the Atlanta specialist was too much along with the $50 copay every time I went. Since then, I have had weekly appointments with my OB here in town where I have an ultrasound each time so they can see how everything is going. I’ve actually enjoyed this part of everything because I’ve been able to see the new baby a lot. But each time I go in I’m crossing my fingers that my cervix isn’t funneling (if you don’t know the term, look it up) because too much funneling would result in bedrest and I’m definitely trying to avoid that. My last appointment was last Thursday. The baby continues to look great, weighing in at 4 lbs. and although my cervix is opening up a little, the doctor still thinks things are looking good and feels positive that I’ll be able to last a few more weeks. (Note: My due date is March 17th, but the c-section will be scheduled a week to 10 days before that.)

2. The nursery, as of yesterday, is officially done except for stocking up on diapers and wipes. For a while there I was having a major mental block against trying to decorate a boys room, so I quit doing anything with it and closed the door for anyone who dared to enter. On New Years Eve, Jenny Parker (my good friend who is pregnant and due in May) came over. In talking with her about our nurseries (she’s having another girl), she said that she had just bought all the furniture and bedding for the new baby’s room and was just waiting on the arrival of it. It was at that point that I knew I had to get my behind into high gear. The next day I called Mom and told her that it was now or never and I was determined to finish this project up. The next day we chose and bought the fabric for the bumper pad and dust ruffle, bought new lamps and a mirror, I painted the baby’s closet green (that I had left pink when I painted the room green because I just KNEW I was going to have another girl so it wouldn’t matter), and Dan installed a closet system that created a little more room for us. I gathered the few boy clothing items that we’ve acquired over the last few months and hung them up. The finishing touch happened yesterday when Jenny’s grandmother (I call her Granny, too) brought over the beautiful bumper pad and dust ruffle that she made for me. A side note about Granny is that she is an amazing seamstress. She recently made a bedskirt for Brittain’s bed for me and covered some cushions for the bench in her room. When I found out I was having a boy, I was having a difficult time finding anything I liked so I went back to Granny to see if I could enfringe on her time and have her make the bedding for me. She graciously agreed (you have to understand that they’re like a second family to us). After giving her the fabric about a month ago, the time and care she put into this bedding is more than I can even explain to you. Come to find out, she had never done a crib bedding set before, so she made several trips to the house measuring and making sure she had everything perfect. She even had to make trips to Hobby Lobby and other places to get more ribbon and stuffing so it would be just right. When she brought it to the house yesterday and put it on the bed, I almost started boo-hooing. Not only was it more beautiful than anything I could have purchased, I knew the amount of time she had put into it. She had taken such care with it making sure it was just perfect…and it was.

3. I am a little over 32 weeks now and I religiously keep up with how and what I’m feeling on Aside from the intense pelvic pressure that I’ve felt for the last few months and makes me feel at any moment that he’s just going to fall right out onto the floor, I’m finding that most of my symptoms are pretty normal and right on schedule. For example, while my monstrosity of a maternity pillow is certainly a help to me at night when I’m trying to get comfortable, it’s also a hindrance when I need to get up and pee 36 times. My heartburn is definitely worse in the middle of the night so I’ve started sleeping at a slight incline with no less than 8 pillows propped up behind me. Poor Dan is lucky if he gets one of the decorative pillows to put beneath his head when he crawls in the edge of the bed in order to avoid me and the monstrous maternity pillow. I am in that last trimester where I’m supposed to be gaining about a pound a week. This doesn’t explain the 5 pound weight gain I gained between my last 2 appointments. I also couldn’t be more tired of comments like, “Are you due, like, TOMORROW?” and “You’ve GOT to have twins in there.” Nope, I’m just THAT big.

4. But don’t get me wrong. There are, of course, some really wonderful things about this pregnancy. And it’s mainly been about the people in my life who have helped me through this. And because I’ve kept this very organized with my numbering system, I will continue with my outline form:
a. Dan: While he was a bit scared the first go round, he is a 180 of that this time. He’s excited, he’s understanding, he’s sympathetic, he’s helpful. Grocery store runs, taking over many household duties that I haven’t been able to be as on top of, and putting up with what I’m sure seems like a constant bitchy attitude from me…he’s really been great.
b. My in-laws: They step in whenever and however we need them. Whether it’s renovation tasks or stepping in to keep Brittain when I’m in a babysitter bind, they’re there.
c. My mom: She sacrifices most of her free time to spend here with me and Brittain when Dan has to work late and I just want someone here with me to help with the daily stuff. She keeps things exciting, and keeps me sane.
d. Brittany Howell: This is who keeps Brittain for me during the week when I have to work all day. I’m able to go to work in the mornings and know that my child is not only well taken care of, but she LOVES going to her house. Having the fun of playing with Jackson and Bo and then also being taken care of by “fun Brittany.” Brittany also steps in for me whenever I have a doctor’s appointment and need someone to watch B for a couple of hours. She has seriously been a lifesaver and I’ll never be able to tell her how much I appreciate it.
e. Aunt Janice and Uncle Terry: While they are officially Brittain’s sitters one day each week, they step in all the time to help when I need them at the last minute. Aunt Janice picks her up from school and then they spoil her like any good great aunt and uncle should do. Literally, they have at least one gift for her each week. I’m so lucky to have them because not only do they take such good care of her, but they love to do it. And that makes my heart feel good.
f. my sister: You KNOW she was going to be included in this, right? If you haven’t yet, you’ll read below one of the reasons why she’s the greatest sister in the world. But beyond doing things like that, she’s also wonderful because she’s there for me whenever I need her. Despite the distance between us, she’s always there to listen on the phoen to those long conversations about meaningless stuff. I can’t wait for Coleman to meet the best aunt in the world.

Ok…so there you have it. My life in a nutshell over the last few months. And without further adieu, here is the actual purpose of the post – Christmas pictures. Some from preschool, and some from Christmas itself. The most wonderful time of the year turned out to be just that – the most wonderful time of the year with the people I love the most.

thanksgiving (11.19 and 11.25.10)

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halloween (10.27-10.30.10)

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What’s better than being able to dress up for Halloween on one night? Dressing up almost every day for a whole week! This year, somehow, I remembered to order her a costume ahead of time and this year, somehow, she was fine wearing it as long as she had on tights (so that the skirt didn’t itch her) and a shirt underneath (so that the top didn’t itch her). We even managed to talk her into wearing the hat later in the week when Gramy fashioned a way for her to tie it so it wouldn’t fall off her head. She was definitely the cutest witch that I’ve ever seen.

Because I was put on temporary bedrest, Daddy had to take over almost all Halloween duties that week. It was a change for Brittain, but she loved every second of having her Daddy with her.

Halloween night itself is fortunately pretty easy for us. We have enough family members in town that Brittain never feels cheated when it comes to trick-or-treating…or how much candy/treats she gets. By the time we headed home that evening, the entire back of my car was filled with all kinds of goodies.

Apparently, as of right now, Halloween is Brittain’s favorite holiday of the year. (This is what she told me).

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