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Category: Personal | Comments (0) | Valerie @ March 6th, 2011   

When I was pregnant with Brittain there were very few pictures taken of me. The only ones I have were taken by Cecilia, and although I despised the way I looked at the time, I’m so thankful that I have them now to look back on. This time around I thought I would feel differently so I planned to have a lot more photos taken of my pregnant belly. But just like last time, when I got toward the end, I hated every part of me and didn’t want to ever have a reminder of what I looked like. However, a friend of mine, Rebecca Benincosa, asked me on a few occasions if I was going to get maternity shots done. I was undecided for the longest time, but finally, 4 days before I went in to have Coleman, Rebecca came in and took some shots of me. I’ve just recently had a chance to sit down and go through all the pictures, and here again, I’m so glad to have them. Here are a few from the day.