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cousins (6.15.10)

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Cecilia and I don’t have any first cousins, so we’ve never been able to experience what a lot of our friends have. So, I guess I never really thought cousins were that big of a deal. I had my sister, and that was plenty for me. It wasn’t until the last couple of months when Brittain was able to spend so much time with her cousin Madison that I saw just how important and close cousins can be. Because Madison stayed with Roger and Connie for a couple of months, Brittain got to see her all the time when she’d go over there to visit. The sad part came when it was time for Madison to go be with her Mommy and Daddy in Denver. The day that Madison left, Dan was off work. That day Brittain asked if they could go over to Gramy and Papa’s to see baby Madison. Dan explained that she was on her way to Denver at which point Brittain asked if they could go to Denver. After he explained that it was far away, he looked in the rear view mirror as Brittain said, “I think I’m going to cry” and then let out a laugh. She then sat there staring out the window without saying a word. Dan said, “Brittain, it’s ok to be sad. You can cry if you need to.” And it was at that point she cried…hard.

We will miss baby Madison, but hope to see her again soon. These are a few pictures I got of the two of them a few days before Madison left.

sesame street live (6.8.10)

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We live an hour away from each other and that’s hard. Especially since we have our girls now that are about the same age, it makes me especially sick that we don’t live closer. The good news is that since summer started we’ve been trying to plan regular playdates. Kyla Rose and Brittain absolutely love each other and they’re so much fun to watch when they’re together. Also? It gives me Amanda and me time to talk about anything and everything. When Amanda called me and said they had tickets to see Sesame Street Live in Macon, we jumped at the chance. Apparently, James was originally supposed to go, but he gave up his seat for us.

We spent the afternoon at the pool and then quickly changed clothes to go to the show. The girls LOVED it…and Amanda and I enjoyed it for about an hour before we resorted to talking about all the people we knew that walked by.

A few pictures we took before leaving the house:

welcome bowden ann (5.20.10)

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Jessica Chunn…now Jessica Prescott has been a close friend of mine for years. We first met one summer in high school at Florida State music camp. We became close and found out that we were both planning to attend FSU in the fall, so we decided to be roommates. I only stayed one year, but that year was enough to develop a friendship that would last forever.

Jessica and her husband, Doug now live in Atlanta (she used to live in Ohio) and they just had a beautiful baby girl, Bowden Ann. After Brittain’s last day of school preschool party, we headed up to meet baby Bowden Ann for the first time. And you will see, we fell in love with her.

And here are a couple that Jessica’s mom took right before we left. I was so glad we got one with the four of us!


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