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Christmas (12.25.09)

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It was an “on” year, meaning Cecilia and Matt were in town this Christmas (instead of in Boston with Matt’s family.) The “on” years are always my favorite, of course. This combined with the deeper understanding that Brittain had about Christmas just made the holiday all the more special.

For 3 Christmases now I’ve been afraid that Brittain won’t get enough gifts. I’m not sure why that thought ever crosses my mind because there is nothing more overwhelming than Christmas day for this child.
Santa’s main gifts were a tent and a bike. We tried to get to her to at least sit on the bike, but she responded saying that the tent was much easier to use. She’s yet to use the bike. Right now she still prefers riding the little red tricycle around the house.




Gramy, Papa and G.G. came over for Christmas brunch (we did this a few years ago and wondered why we hadn’t done it again). Brittain’s “main” gift from Gramy and Papa was a Tag reader and a couple of books to go with it. Several other people also jumped on that bad wagon and gave her other books. While I know it is something she will “grow into,” a couple of days after Christmas she said to me, “Mommy, will you read me a story…with your mouth?”

After a good rest we then headed over to Mimi and Doot’s to continue the Christmas celebration. Lots of people, lots of gifts, lots of chaos. But also lots of fun.

Aunt CC and Sophie stayed in Griffin while Uncle Makew went back to Jacksonville for work, so the fun continued.

preschool christmas party (12.17.09)

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Poor girl. For weeks she had been talking about the Christmas play that her class was doing and that she was going to get to be a shepherd. Gramy fashioned her the greatest Shepherdess costume and we borrowed one of Aunt Susan’s canes from her collection to use as a staff. We were ready for the big day and then the night before came the fever. Here we are one day from being out of school for a few weeks and she has to get sick NOW? We nursed the fever all night and the next day decided to take her in just for the Christmas party. We figured the other parents would appreciate it if our kid infected their kids for only an hour instead of the 4 hours they are usually there. So, we all went, parents and grandparents and we watched the 3 minute Christmas play, staring at Brittain the whole time as she stared into space wiping her nose with her sleeve every few seconds. We clapped and as soon as it was over we scooped her back up and took her home to get well.

Bad parenting call? Who knows?! But she got to be a shepherd!