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wrong side of the bed

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Dan had to be in Atlanta all day Friday and Saturday so he decided to stay with a friend up there instead of driving back home Friday night. When I found this out I decided to make it a girls night with Brittain and me. I wasn’t exactly sure what we were going to do, but I told her that she could sleep with me since Daddy wouldn’t be there and she was excited about that. Friday afternoon Amanda called and said that she and Kyla Rose were going to be in Griffin. Yay! I knew this would make for the most perfect girls night.

While Amanda and I sat in the living room and talked non-stop because we had an ADULT FEMALE to talk to, the girls went back and forth from the living room to Brittain’s room to play. There were a few times we would have to check on them because we would suddenly realize they had been gone a little too long and instead of hearing the sound of children playing, we heard a strange silence coming from the back of the house. There was one time we got up to check on them and when we reached the hallway, both Brittain and Kyla Rose came out to greet us. I wish I had had my camera at this moment because Brittain came out in nothing but her t-shirt, panties and her frog rain boots…on the wrong feet. In her hands were her pair of red boots. She was holding them up saying, “I want Kyla Rose to put these red boots on.” After a short struggle with Brittain trying to help Kyla put them on, Amanda finally stepped in to help. These were the pictures I got:

We knew it was time to call it a night when Kyla and Brittain started acting as if they had been shooting up instead of playing. This didn’t happen until about 10:45 that night, so Amanda and I had gotten a whole lotta talking in. Of course, we could have sat there and chatted for a few more hours. Once they left, I felt sure Brittain would fall asleep immediately, so we both got in bed. Going to sleep was not going as easily as I had hoped, but after reading, watching some TV, and 14 sippy cups of milk, she finally just passed out. It was 12:07.

I was so tired by then that I decided to call it a night as well. After taking a few minutes to stare at Brittain just because I could, I snuggled down under the covers. Something was wrong, though. I couldn’t go to sleep and it should have been easy at this point. I tossed and turned for a couple of hours before wondering if perhaps I couldn’t sleep because Brittain was on my side of the bed and I was on Dan’s. I finally decided to carefully move Brittain to the other side and I got back to the side I sleep on every night. Aahhhh…yes, this was it. I drifted off to sleep now being thankful that it had been a late night. I just knew that this would buy me a few extra hours of sleep the next morning. To be able to sleep in! It was going to be great.

And, this was what I dreamed of until 6:00 a.m. when Brittain woke up…and didn’t go back to sleep.

On the weekends when Dan works, I am very used to having either Aunt Susan and/or Mimi and/or Pappy and/or Doot over at the house. Somehow, I got extremely unlucky because everyone was gone. Mimi and Doot had gone to Amelia Island with some friends of theirs, and Aunt Susan had decided to take a last minute trip to Mexico Beach. I was really disappointed to say the least, but Saturday afternoon while Brittain and I were out running errands I got a call from Aunt Susan. She was on her way back from Mexico Beach and was heading straight to our house! Now, call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure she cut her trip short so she wouldn’t miss out on seeing Brittain. After giving Aunt Susan a dirty look for leaving the state without my permission, we then had a great time. We were SO glad to see her:

Even though Dan was back on Saturday night, he still had to work on Sunday. After our nap after church, Mimi and Pappy came over and spent a couple of hours. Poor Pappy. Brittain was really barking out the orders. As they played ball in the living room, Brittain first explained they were to sit on the floor and throw the ball back and forth. Then, she decided that they needed to stand and kick the ball to each other. This went back and forth for a while. Pappy was a real trooper. I just hope his knees aren’t paying the price now!:

fall leaves

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It’s amazing to me how beautiful the leaves are this time of year. There is an area at our church that has a few trees and in the mornings when I’m taking Brittain to school, the sun shines through them in a way that makes you just want to stand there in awe at their beauty. Since the leaves have turned, each day I’ve thought to myself, “You know, I really should bring my camera one day so I can get some pictures of Brittain playing in the leaves.” But, for whatever reason, I forget, or we don’t have time, or whatever. Last Friday, I finally remembered and we spent a few minutes after I picked her up playing, laughing, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.


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This past Thursday we went to Gramy and Papa’s to see Travis (Dan’s cousin) and Jessica to congratulate them on their recent engagement. We got there a little late and after everyone had already eaten, but we were still able to enjoy the delicious food and most importantly, the great company. Congratulations, Travis and Jessica. We’re so happy for you!

(These first few are just random pics.)

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