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Introducing Solids

Category: Personal,Pictures | Comments (0) | Valerie @ January 4th, 2007   

Recently, Brittain has started eyeing food that we eat, staring at each bite as it goes into our mouth. I knew what that meant…she’s ready for some real food. So, I went straight to the internet, looking up and reading as much as I could about how to do this the right way. I suddenly was overwhelmed when I started looking. What if I don’t give her enough cereal? What if I don’t leave her on it long enough before starting a vegetable? What if I accidentally give her a fruit before I give her a vegetable and then she won’t eat the vegetable? Yes, many thoughts ran through my mind. I finally found a site that spelled it out in easier terms. First things first. Start giving one tablespoon of rice cereal once a day. Easy enough. So, we did it. Brittain ate her first few bites of food this past Saturday. What fun, and what a sight!

Here are some pictures from the event. Since this day, I have continued to try and give her some cereal once a day. For some reason it seems that her interest has decreased since that first night. I did some more reading and also talked with the pediatrician today. The next step is to not give it to her for about a week, and then try again. I’m being patient. I know it will click!

Sitting in her high chair for the first time…awaiting that first bite:


Deciding that she’d rather eat the wood:






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