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Category: Personal,Pictures | Comments (0) | Valerie @ January 27th, 2008   

A few years ago if you asked me what my Sunday afternoon plans were after church, I would tell you that we were going to my grandmother’s house for lunch.  This was my dad’s mom, “grandmama” as Cec and I called her.  It was a tradition…for how many years I don’t even know.  You could always count on who would be there – Grandmama, Aunt Janice and Uncle Terry, Aunt Linda and Uncle Mickey, and then the four of us (and our spouses after we got married).  Since Grandmama passed away a few years ago it’s been difficult to continue on this Sunday afternoon tradition.  Brittain is here (and she requires a nap right after church) and Cec and Matt are now in Athens.  The wonderful thing about our family, though, is that we’ve carried on.  It’s not like it used to be, but we still make time to spend together as a family.  Aunt Janice and Uncle Terry hosted a great afternoon on this particular Sunday.  It was wonderful food and a wonderful time to all spend together.  I thank Grandmama for starting this, and for keeping us together.  She’s still with us in spirit, even though not in body.

Aunt CC and Uncle Matthew arrived a few minutes early:








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