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Rockin’ and Rollin’

Category: Personal | Comments (0) | Valerie @ January 8th, 2007   

Well, she did it. This evening, in the presence of myself and my mom, Brittain rolled over for the first time! Do you think I could have ever guessed that I would get THIS excited over a simple task that we as adults do every day? No, I couldn’t have known. But, when I saw her push up from her tummy and then suddenly be on her back, you would have thought she had just won an Olympic medal. I seriously think I would be equally excited for both.

So, I wonder. Was it the nap that gave Brittain renewed energy to perform this milestone tonight? Or was it knowing that her mommy and her aunt had both slept in and rolled over in the crib that she was in? Whatever the reason, this is certainly one of many special events that we will be able to take part in as Brittain’s parents.