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tis the season (12.25.12)

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I laugh every time Steve Mulder (director of music at FUMC and director of GCA) says it. When the end of November hits and December draws closer, life gets even busier than normal. You will often find those of us in music passing each other in the halls at church saying, “Tis the Season.” It goes without saying that we love the Christmas season and all the beautiful music that goes along with it, but there’s barely time to breathe until after the Christmas Eve services.

I had just as much anticipation about Christmas as my children did. I couldn’t imagine that I would ever get to a point in my life where I would truly not want a single thing for Christmas, but that happened as soon as I had a child and saw the joy that Christmas brought to her.

The “big gift” this year was a new playset for the back yard. This took a ton of planning because the company had to come out and build it about a week before Christmas. If you can believe it, the first time Brittain laid eyes on it was Christmas morning when we told her she could walk outside. The week leading up to the day we kept all the blinds closed, told her she couldn’t look out the windows, and even took a different way home to and from the house. For me personally, the only way I pulled it off was because Brittain reminded ME to go the different way home. Otherwise, I would’ve ruined the surprise several times over.

While the playset was the surprise gift from Dan and me, Santa also did an awesome job with what he brought. A new karaoke machine was the main gift. As an afterthought he also brought about 10 cans of Flarp (if you don’t know what this is, look it up). When it was time for Brittain and Coleman to run down the hall to see what Santa brought them, the only thing you heard was, “Flarp! Flarp! He brought me tons of FLAAAAAARP.” It wasn’t until after I asked her about 20 minutes later, “Well, what is this?” that she said, “It’s my karaoke machine!” Silly me…

I think we all lucked up this year with some great gifts. I did the photo books for the whole family as I do every year. Each year I don’t see how I can get them done and I always say that I can’t do it anymore, but then I decide I can’t do that so I spend many sleepless nights putting the books together for everyone. And in the end, I’m so happy that I do it. I had a huge surprise when I opened the camera lens that I’ve been wanting since I got my new camera. Even my dad was blown away when he received a brand new set of golf clubs from someone who asked to remain anonymous. (Yes, there are people out there who do things like this.)

Here are pictures from the wonderful, memorable day that we had.


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There are few days that when nighttime hits and I’m lying in bed about to go to sleep I feel like it was a near perfect day. But on this day, it happened.

I don’t want to toot my own horn, cause that’s just wrong. But it was a GREAT day and my hard work and preparation actually paid off.

This day began at Brittain’s school. They had a Christmas sing-a-long on the last day before Christmas break. Brittain’s kindergarten teacher was planning it and she texted and asked if B and I would like to sing a couple of songs together. I got SO excited and after discussing with Brittain, she decided to choose a song that she heard on “Good Luck, Charlie” as well as “Rudolph.”

As always, we’re only as good as the special people in my life who are willing to help me out. Steve came and played for us…and even stepped in for several other things in the program. (It’s nice to have friends in high places.) Here are a few shots that Steve took with his cell phone. If you want to see the video, talk to me! :-)




That afternoon I returned as Room Mom for Brittain’s class Christmas party. I had spent so much time planning this and it paid off. It was a great party and the kids had a great time.

Mission accomplished.

santa (12.2.12)

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